Neverending Child

A Children's Resale Shop

12245 Pearl  Rd Strongsville, OH 44136


11/27/17 update: We are not purchasing any items at this time other than high chairs!!

​In order to accommodate purchasing in more items from many more families, we are changing our policy just a bit. We ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All clothing needs to be freshly laundered, and free of stains, holes, and not faded. Also, we will not take any clothing items smelling of smoke, or that appear to have pet hair on them. Please do not be offended, but we are trying to display the best possible product for our customers.
  • You MUST SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT before bringing in any items.

  • If you are coming in with a small amount of toys or baby equipment, we will conduct your buy in at the time of your arrival. 
  • If you are bringing in clothing, we will take your clothes and information, and schedule a time that you may come back to pick up any remaining items that we did not buy, and then to give you your funds for the clothes we are buying. Many times this will be on another day. You may bring in up to 4 baskets of clothes, but the policy will be the same whether you have 1 basket or 4. If you have more than 2 baskets, you MAY be asked to drop off your items and we will call you when they are completed. 

  • Our payouts will be very specifically calculated. We understand that you value your items, and because of that we will do our best to offer you a fair return, but please understand that our offer to you will be our best offer possible so that we may continue to try to keep our selling prices as low as possible.

  • New for 2016, we will make you two offers. A cash offer, or a store credit offer. You no longer have to use the store credit that same day. We will issue store credit on one of our new Neverending Child Gift Cards. For more information, please see our "Gift Card" tab. Your store credit offer will be higher then your cash offer.