Wing Fat Printing is not only focusing on traditional packaging, but also making great effort in paper pulp molded products. The application of intelligent medical packaging is also actively explored.

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In 1913, Wing Fat Printing was founded by Mr. Leung Yiu Hing in Pottinger Street, Central in Hong Kong. The company provided printing services at the first beginning.

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Find out what's new about Wing Fat Printing and Printing & Packaging field.

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Wing Fat Printing was established in Hong Kong in 1913. It is a member of Shanghai Industrial Group authorized by Shanghai SASAC.

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Hong Kong · China
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Zhejiang · China
Shanghai · China
Shandong · China
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  • Zhejiang Rong Feng Paper Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Rong Feng Paper Co., Ltd.
  • RyPax Wing Fat Ltd.

    RyPax Wing Fat Ltd. is one of the international sales platforms of Wing Fat.
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